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Digiview discs from local Walmart this past month or so

Breathing Fire - 1991
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV143E

Studio One - The Kill - 1952 (TV)
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Cry of the Penguins - 1971
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV132E

Studio One - Laugh maker - 1953 (TV) / Studio One - Confessions of a nervous man - 1953 (TV)
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Dennis Rodman Down Under -Wrestling
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV142E

Toon Factory: Rocky And Bullwinkle Mr Know It All
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

The World of Hans Christian Anderson - 1971
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Johnny vs The Giant- 1950
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Commandos - 1968
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

A Dangerous Summer - 1981 / Night of the Sharks - 1987

Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

The Legend of Bigfoot - 1976 / Escape from Angola - 1976
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Beyond Obsession - 1982 / A Killing Affair - 1986
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Victory at Sea - Vol III - 1952
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Broken Dagger - 2001 (TV)
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Omega Cop - 1990
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV-1113

VIP, My brother superman - 1968
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Sandy the Seal - 1969
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Shattered Dreams - 1998

Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV-1122

Held Hostage: The Sis and Jerry Levin Story - 1991 (TV)
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV139E

Criminal Desire - 1998
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV138E

Last man on Earth - 1964 / Devil's Messenger - 1961
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Don Candy's Law - 1974 / Any Gun Can Play - 1967

Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Big Chuck, Little Chuck - 2004
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV130E

Karate Kids - 1980
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV140E

The Man In The Iron Mask - 1985 (TV) Burbank Studios
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Double Cross on Costa's Island - 1997
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV-1124

20000 Leagues under the sea - 1985 (TV) Burbank Studios

Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: CC-35E

The Red Skelton Show - 1951 (TV) 6 Eps
John Carradine
Marilyn Maxwell
Mickey Rooney
Mary McCarthy
King Sisters
George Rait
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Cisco Kid - 1950 (TV)
Pancho Hostage
Bell Jar Jellies
Jewelry Holdup
Lynching Story
New Paper Crusader
The Phoney Sheriff
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Frequent Flyer - 1996 (TV)
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV136E

Dot and The Whale - 1986
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV134E

Ground Rules - 1997
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV-1119

Room to Move - 1987 (TV)

Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Guilty Conscience - 1985 (TV)
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Eliza's Horoscope - 1975
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

My Dear Secretary - 1949 / The Big Trees - 1952
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV121E FA8-B

Last Time I Saw Paris - 1954
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV124E (FA1-B)

Mesmerized - 1986

Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Sword of lancelot - 1963
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV122E (FA6-A)

Strike Force - 1975 (TV)
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

A Minor Miracle - 1983 / Crossbar - 1979 (TV)
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Exit The Dragon Enter The Tiger - 1976

Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV-135E

Dreamland Features Unauthorized Footage of Area 51
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV-74E

Deadly Drifter - 1982 / The Cold Room - 1984 (TV)
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Scruff - Smells like an Adventure
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Deadly Down Under: an In Depth Look at Australia's Most Venomous CreaturesSource: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV133E

Massacre - 1985
Source: Big Lots
Supplier: Blue Laser
ID: 8 2725 06016 2 3

Restaraunt - 1998
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Scruff : Staking Out Territory
Source: Walmart
Supplier: Digiview

Crusade in the pacific - 1951 (TV)
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: TV746

Hell in Normandy - 1968
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview
ID: MV128E

Cartoon Craze : Gaby and Friends It's A Hap Hap Happy Day

All's Well
Fire Cheese
Gaby Goes Fishing
it's a Hap Hap Happy Day
King For A Day
Parrotville Post Office
Parrotville Old Folks
Scottie Finds a Home
Spinning Mice
Source: Wal-mart
Supplier: Digiview

Big Lots Once Again Forces Two Bucks Outta Me

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A new cheap-ass DVD vendor has plopped down its wares at Big Lots. It's called Dreamline and it's biggest selling point is that they have now THREE movies on a single-sided DVD for a buck. Needless to say, cramming three films on to one side of a DVD is not good for quality, but who's complaining for a buck? Eh?

The downside is that they are releasing (mostly) the usual PD suspects. His Girl Friday, Africa Screams, Night of the Living Dead, etc. There was a small display of about ten different 3-movie discs. I say mostly the usual, because I picked up two of these discs. I spotted two films I thought I didn't have, and for two bucks, why not take a chance?

I already had Kansas Pacific and Roy Rogers' The Bells of San Angelo on a few different multi-film releases. But THE JACKALS starring Vincent Price was one that had eluded me. I saw the trailer for this flick a while ago on an obscure Grindhouse film trailer collection, and based on that it looked gratifyingly violent. How can you go wrong with Vincent Price? I wonder how many Westerns he actually did?

Same thing with Beneath The Twelve Mile Reef. This was a major studio release, in widescreen and Technicolor. The previous DVD I have of this film looks stunning, with amazing color. I'm sure most DVDs have this nice transfer. Worth getting if you haven't. High Risk with James Coburn was more obscure to me, maybe I don't own it. I'm sure I didn't have this film of Charlton Heston in the Jack London classic The Call of the Wild. Haven't seen any other releases of this one on DVD. Looks good. I liked the source novel in any case.
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The Good, the Bad and the Hobbit

Two great recent finds...

EastWestDVD, which a year or so ago released the animated Rankin Bass version of The Hobbit in its dollar-DVD line, has come through with RB's second and final "Rings" installment, 1980's The Return of the King.

Those of us old enough to remember its first broadcast will recall curious elements such as:

  • An artistic style that looked as if the entire movie had been done in watercolor
  • Roddy McDowall as the voice of Samwise (and as the evil, taunting voice of the ring)
  • The non-Tolkien addition of a strumming minstrel to fill us in on all the details we missed in the previous books, voiced by Limeliter folkie Glenn Yarbrough ("Frodo of the nine fingers, and the ring of dooooooooom!").

I picked this up in National Wholesale Liquidators. Worth every penny of the dollar, it was. I recommend it to all.

A similarly great deal was the box set of nine spaghetti Westerns I picked up at Stop & Shop for $7.50. None of them star Clint Eastwood, but many of them star Lee Van Cleef. Four of the nine titles are widescreen format, but with three on each DVD, don't expect wonderful quality. To its credit, St. Clair Entertainment Group includes a disclaimer at the beginning about deterioration of the original negatives causing uneven quality. Hey, for $7.50 I'm not complaining. There's also a few extras, including a bunch of spaghetti Western trailers.

It includes these movies:

Happy viewing!


Mill Creek Has New Releases

Mill Creek has yet more releases, but I'm not fainting with excitement over them.

In addition to the new 50 Packs mentioned below, namely Night Screams and Western Legends, There's also Suspense Classics.

There's also a new 100 movie pack coming out next month, Sci-Fi Classics. Like the other 100 packs, these films are all repeats from other Mill Creek multipacks. Some of these movies have been repeated a sickening amount of times; "Moon of the Wolf" is featured on NINE different multi-packs. This huge box of sludge is only worth it if you're just starting your collection, otherwise, nothing new there methinks.

Night Screams is also a tad heavy on repeats, with 16 of the movies recycled. The rest of the stuff is common PD fodder (like "The Wasp Woman") or stuff they grabbed from Alpha Video (I think they are the only other ones offering "Daughter of the Tong" and some of these other REALLY old movies from the 1930's.) "Manfish" is a rare Lon Chaney item that Retromedia had released on a special Lon Chaney disc.

Suspense Classics has movies that are all repeats, but are mostly repeated from the Action Classics 100 Movie box only. If you're not ready to commit to one of the Big Boys, this box might suit you nicely. Most of these movies are from the 70's and 80's and are in color, so you might enjoy this release if watching black-and-white stuff from the 30's or 40's is not your bag. Also, many of these are Italian police films, which I know some people have a fetish for.

Western Legends has only 5 repeated movies from other Mill Creek products (4 John Wayne movies and a Roy Rogers), so this might work out for western fans, but I must warn that many of these are "Poverty Row" type Westerns from the 1930's (directed by Sam Newfield), peppered with a few from later decades. No Spaghetti westerns this time, it seemed like.

Classic Superheroes is actually two serials, "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe" and "The Green Archer." MSRP is $7.98, so look for this at 5 bucks or so. At that price it's well worth it as both are among the better serials produced. A recommended purchase.

The Ultimate Pirates Collection is 15 pirate-themed movies(Duh), with an MSRP of 14.95. Should be selling for 10-12 bucks. Only a few repeats there. Obviously released to tie-in with Pirates of the Caribbean. Looks like some good stuff and I might pick up that one.

Port Hope, Ontario - The Bargain! Shop roundup

Quality/Direct Source Special Products had two displays of $5 "bargain" discs.  The titles were mostly culled from FremantleMedia made-for-TV movies and the usual suspects that budget labels tend to rely on - Our Gang, Sherlock Holmes, The Jack Benny Program, Petticoat Junction, Laurel & Hardy shorts and The Beverly Hillbillies.  There was also something called TV's Greatest Toons and Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave(?!)  As for the films, they are as follows:

The Glass House (1972)
It Happened at Lakewood Manor [DVD title: Ants] (1977)
Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (1979)
Frank Nitti: The Enforcer [DVD title: Nitti: The Enforcer] (1988)
How to Murder a Millionaire (1990)
The Entertainers (1991)
The Nightman (1992)
The Babymaker: The Dr. Cecil Jacobson Story [DVD title: Seeds of Deception] (1994)
Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story (1994)
Death in Small Doses (1995)
Derby (1995)
The Perfect Getaway (1998)
Blood on Her Hands (1998)
My Last Love (1999)
In Love and War (2001)
Mothers and Daughters (2002)

There were some other $5 titles and multipacks.  They were mostly titles from Lionsgate/Maple Pictures, Madacy, Platinum Disc and a few leftovers from the dollar DVD craze.  The notable titles:

- From Platinum Disc: a 2-disc set of Zorro serials; The Adventures of Robin Hood and Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans (both 2-disc sets); a Ronald Reagan-themed 2-fer and a TV Cartoon Classics 2-fer, as if that's going to make "You Can't Shoe a Horse-Fly" any better
- A five-disc Red Skelton set from Madacy
- VSC put out a release of Till Murder Do Us Part and its sequel (really A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story and Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, the Last Chapter; both 1992)
- A Catcom (!) double feature - Blood on the Sun (1945)/'Gung Ho!': The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders (1943)
- Genius Entertainment makes an appearance with dollar discs of "The Betty White Show" (really Life With Elizabeth; this one I bought for $1), One Step Beyond and The Adventures of Jim Bowie
Gold (1974; from Direct Source Special Products but the DVD is from 1999 and not in the special displays)
Terrahawks (1983; Volume 3 - I see this title a lot; it's the TV equivalent of Keys to Tulsa)
Little Buddha (1993)
The New Adventures of Pinocchio (1999)
Rhinoceros Eyes (2003)

There were also some $3 VHS tapes.  Among them was a copy of Quayle Season (1992) featuring Lewis Black long before he hit big in stand-up - well, that and the real reason I bought it was for a Harry Shearer appearance.  It's a bit of a rip at $3 for thirty minutes of material but since the video is a compilation of Dan Quayle clips the humour tends to write itself.

MIll Creek

Regarding previous post, you can findi nformation on the "Decrepit Crypt" 50 pack DVD in the Mill Creek listing for "pendulem Films".
These are recent low budget indeprendent films shot on video.
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Mill Creek related observations

In this context: “new” means not in a previous Mill Creek collection.
1) 1 month old: Seen in the $5.50 (or 2 for $11) bin at Wal Mart
.a. 20 John Wayne Movies (half from 100 Westerns, half “new”)
.b. 20 Roy Rogers Movies (all from 100 Westerns)
.c. 20 Mean Guns (all from 100 Westerns)
.d. 10 Westerns (all from 100 Westerns)

2) 3 weeks old: Seen for $5 at Big Lots
.a. 20 Burnt Rubber – a lot of non collected stuff including a serial: “Burn ‘em Up Barnes”

3) 1-2 weeks old: Announced new packs
.a. 50 Comedy Kings
.b. 50 Western Legends
..i. Has John Wayne movies previously only in the 20 pack
..ii. Has some “new” Roy Rogers Movies
..iii. Several not in any of their packs.
.c. 10 Ninja Assassins (from 50 Martial Arts)
.d. 10 On the Run (all appear in other collections)

4) Today: Non-announced – I just happened to look and there they were
.a. Three slasher sounding 6 packs: Hardcore Horrors, Morbid Mutilations and Sadistic Sinners. Half the movies are “new”. What’s interesting is that half also claim to appear in…
.b. 50 Decrepit Crypt of Nightmares (sounds like a joke title, doesn’t it?)
..i. I can’t find a listing for that one. However, in looking for it I found…
.c. 50 Night Screams (I want this one!)
..i. Has all of the not-previously-collected movies in 100 Horror
..ii. Has NONE of the previously mentioned slasher flicks
..iii. Also has a lot of “new” stuff on the border of Mystery and Horror

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Big Lots is a Total Disaster

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I got these a while back but I hadn't gotten around to posting about them until now. Not too much activity on the site recently, so here we go.

I am a sucker for cheesy disaster movies. When I find a whole bunch together like these, I have no choice but to pounce, especially when they are so obscure like these, and cost only two or three bucks each. Most of these are on Questar Video, a label which previously I identified with boring non-fiction or travel videos like "World's Greatest Journeys by Llama."

These are all obscure TV movies. I doubt any of these even made it to DVD until now. Let's quickly go through the scary threats menacing the earth in each one of these:

FIRE: NATURE UNLEASHED - Forest fire set by killer arsonist
RAGING SHARKS - Pissed-off sharks made insane by magnetic fields unleased by ocean-floor earthquakes threaten scientists in an undersea lab complex (wow, that's...original)
SUPERNOVA - the sun may blow up, destroying the Earth, but military and political leaders fail to heed the warnings of a heroic astrophysicist who tries to warn the world.
TRAPPED: BURIED ALIVE - Arrogant architect builds "state-of-the-art ski lodge" right in an avalanche prone area! He does his best to try to discredit the heroic fireman who tries to warn the town!
CALIFORNIA QUAKE - Earthquake researchers uncover black market nuclear weapons dealers while fleeing Los Angeles after a massive quake!
AVALANCHE - Another avalanche movie, this one takes place in Russia
KILLER FLOOD: THE DAY THE DAM BROKE - The dam is old and in danger of breaking! But the corrupt construction company president is doing his best to discredit the heroic architect who tries to warn the town! (Sounds a little familiar...)
LIGHTNING: BOLTS OF DESTRUCTION - Violent lightning storms caused by sunspots threaten to destroy the earth! The military and political leaders refuse to heed the warnings of the heroic climatologist who tries to warn the world!
COMBUSTION - Underground methane gas pockets threaten to explode, destroying a small town! No one will believe the heroic (fill in blank) who tries to warn the town!
FROZEN IMPACT - The earth is in severe danger from...killer hail! Killer HAIL? Are you flipping KIDDING ME? That's it. They have officially run out of things to menace the earth.

I've only watched SUPERNOVA so far. That one was actually a mini-series (4 hours with commercial breaks, 3 hours without). Just the level of great acting you'd expect. The special effects were not too bad CGI stuff, honestly. You get some pretty good stuff nowadays pretty cheap.

The cover art here is spectacular. Most of them are the same: head shots of the three main "stars" over a background of fire, water, or whatever the threat of the week is. I also like the C-level talents on these. Ted McGinley, Stacy Keach, Luke Perry, Bruce Boxlietner, Reginald VelJohnson, Jack Scalia, Emma Samms, and wow, Gabrielle Carteris twice! Do I smell Emmys? No, I don't.
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If you have a Dollar General or Dollar General market nearby, keep an eye out for some TV season set DVDs available for $10. My trip to the Dollar General Market today revealed these finds:
Miracles: The Complete Series
Ellen: The Complete First Series
SCTV: Volumes 1-5
All-American Girl: The Complete Series
World Poker Tour: I don't recall which season

And, as has been the case for about 2-3 years now, I continue to see complete seasons of Sex In The City, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Oz, and Everybody Loves Raymond on VHS for $10. I picked up All-American Girl, though, which retails on Amazon for $35.99. VERY good find.

Just letting you all know to keep an eye out. You may not find any, as the stock in stores like Dollar General vary from store to store, but yes.
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Picked up the PC Treasures Betty Boop and Felix The Cat compilations today.

Felix is a fairly nice comp, but it's got some drawbacks. The DVD contains quite a few silents, which wouldn't be a bad thing, but they couldn't even take the time to create even a half-assed score to go on them, so they truly ARE silent. If you have kiddies, skip these when they're watching. I imagine the lack of sound will bore them to tears. The cartoons are as follows:
Forty Winks
The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg
Neptune Nonsense
Bold King Cole
Felix Follows The Swallows (Silent)
One Good Turn
April Maze
Felix Goes West (Silent)
Felix Gets His Fill (Silent)

Compression on this disc is average. The entire contents of the disc, which are about an hour and a half, take up around 3.5 GB. The audio is 2-channel PCM audio.

Unfortunately, I can't give such glowing reviews to the Betty Boop disc. An hour of cartoons that doesn't even take up 2 GB of disc space? Especially since some of these toons use PCM audio, which is larger than AC3. *Some use 1-channel AC3 too.* These cartoons are pretty much compressed to death. Usually, I'd say "You get what you pay for." In this case, I'd say $1 is about 89 cents too much for this DVD compilation. It might be good on a portable DVD player where the screen's so small that you don't notice severe pixelation though. The included cartoons are:
Musical Mountaineers
A Song A Day
Rhythm On The Reservation
Stop That Noise
A Little Soap And Water
Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions
Happy You And Merry Me
My Friend The Monkey
Is My Palm Read
Swat The Fly

I can't really wholeheartedly recommend these, especially compared to cartoon compilations like Digiview's Toon Factory releases. But if there's a cartoon on one of these that you're desperate to find and can't seem to find elsewhere, I say go for it.