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Big!Lots DVD's

About Nothing over 6 bucks each!

Previous Entry Big!Lots DVD's Jul. 17th, 2009 @ 07:03 pm
I found several TV box sets at my local Big!Lots for $3-$6 including the following shows.

Murphy Brown
Night Court
The OC
Dukes Of Hazzard
The West Wing
Tracey Takes On
Wacky Races
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Date:July 28th, 2009 05:48 am (UTC)

Another batch just hit here

Lots of Warner Home Video cartoon sets hit on Sunday for $3 a pop (mainly Hanna-Barbera). The biggest jaw-dropper: every Big Lots I hit had at least 5 copies of the beautifully remastered Popeye volume 1 set (1933-1938). If you don't have it yet, it'll be the best fiver you ever broke at Big Lots.

Also sighted in the wild (from memory), starting with the cartoons:
*Dastardly and Muttley
*Top Cat
*Josie and the Pussycats
*Perils of Penelope Pitstop
*several season sets of The Flintstones (reported by others, but not seen by me...apparently they're gone as fast as they're put out)
*At least one Superfriends set from the Zan and Jayna era
*Adventures of Superman (the 1950s live action one) season 3-4 (complete with a long-expired "movie cash" check to see Superman Returns in the theaters) And on that note...
*Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
*a three disc Larry King Live retrospective
*I also remember seeing Roots: The Next Generation, but I don't remember the price point.

There are also NFL (Superbowl) and NBA team retrospective sets that keep popping up (again, not seen by me). I know what a lot of these originally listed for...to get them for $3-6 now is amazing...and a little alarming.

There's a pretty comprehensive "field report" thread at the DVD Talk Forum.
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Date:August 3rd, 2009 11:32 pm (UTC)

Re: Another batch just hit here

If I didn't already have that Popeye set I'd buy it. There were other DVD's I forgot to mention like series sets of Alcapulco H.E.A.T and Batman Adventures, some early James Bond movies like Dr.No and a couple of Paul Bartel comedies Eating Raoul and Private Parts. The one thing I really wanted to find but didn't was the Wonder Woman complete collection box set. Still, I'm pretty amazed at the DVD's you can find at Big!Lots.
Date:July 30th, 2009 04:37 pm (UTC)

Big Lots Boxsets are considered stolen property.!!!


The above link goes to a online show biz law journal that explains "that great deal" we all got at Big Lots.
Date:August 14th, 2009 12:03 am (UTC)

Re: Big Lots Boxsets are considered stolen property.!!!

Ha ha ha!!!!!!!

We did nothing illegal by purchasing them so I say...SCREW THEM!

The stuff was going to be pulped anyway and taking up valuable landfill space. Now, we all get to enjoy the material. Up your, Warner Brothers. Dicks.
Date:October 20th, 2009 04:58 am (UTC)

Re: Big Lots Boxsets are considered stolen property.!!!

I bet you're either black or white trailer trash....no morals, no money and no common sense, always wanting something you don't deserve...so i won't even bother trying to 'splain it to ya. I say screw you and all of you parasites on society.
Date:March 30th, 2011 05:19 am (UTC)


Greetings Packrat, It seems gone are the days when we had great news to announce of found new dollar dvds in the various chain stores. Post at my Yahoo Pop Culture site have all but evaporated. The Dollar DVDs were slipping away it seems on their own, then came the BIG LOTS WARNER $3 BLITZ. Online news says they are trying to wipe out the DVD altogether to concentrate on STREAMING movies and TV. But if they ever want to start up the dollar DVD again, they have my dollars at the ready! I want a hard copy on my shelf. Not digital bits on my hard drive. Sadly, Dr. Mark (Wondering if you or anyone else will actually receive this message...)
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