and i will forever hate roses (joeytheteapot) wrote in cheap_dvds,
and i will forever hate roses

Welp, I finally got it.

I've lusted after it for years, and I finally found it at the local store for $5 on Black Friday. (Yes, I'm aware this set would USUALLY be $5 at Wal Mart or something, but since I live about 40 minutes from the closest one, I like the fact that I could buy this for $2 less than the usual price of $7 locally.)

I've already watched Child Bride, The Marijuana Menace (originally titled Assassin Of Youth), and Marihuana and I must say, this may turn out to be one of my best Mill Creek purchases to date.

Also, am I the only one who's gotten a Mill Creek set with logos during the movies that isn't really bothered by them? The only show up a few times, never for more than maybe three seconds, and are rarely, if ever, very intrusive. Crap, I see more intrusive logos and such on TV anymore, especially with this new trend of "Now you're watching [insert title here]. Up next, [insert title here]."
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