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More To Score at Big Lots!

Just like a few months ago, my local Big Lots! location (downtown Los Angeles in the basement of a 100 year old former department store...yeah, it is pretty cool) got in a huge shipment of DVDs from Sony/Tri-Star, which they are selling for 3 bucks each.

Like the last load, there was a large number of garbage titles, but a few real treats that were well worth 3 measly bucks once you dug through the stacks for a few minutes.

Here's what I picked up:
Johnny Mnemonic - Superbit Edition
Gattaca - Superbit Edition
XXX - Superbit Edition
The Dark Crystal - Special Collector's Edition
Labyrinth - Special Collector's Edition
The Cavern - (looks like a rip-off of "The Cave.")

There was a bunch of heinous junk too: the final episode of Dawson's Creek, Married With Children "Best of" discs, The New Guy, Edison Force, plenty of Jean-Claude Van Damme, some movie with Paris Hilton and a ton of other chaff. But a few notable items to make it worth looking.

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