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Rin Tin Tin

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Several of Mill Creek's smaller combinations have been showing up at Big Lots
(Best of Jack Benny, Best of Cisco Kid) for $6 and WalMart (Robin Hood Season one -- Richard Greene) for $5.

Yesterday, I picked up "The Legend of Rin Tin Tin" at WalMart for $5, expecting it to be 48 episodes from the TV series. A quick look at the back cover told me different. This is 4 movie serials:
1. Adventures of Rex and Rinty, The
2. Law of the Wild, The
3. Lightning Warrior, The
4. Lone Defender, The

I probably would have gotten it, even if it were the TV series (I was a big fan once) but I definitely got it when I realized what it was -- I mean, I think these are all available elsewhere for, at best, $9 each. Have not looked at them to assess picture quality yet.

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Date:April 14th, 2008 10:05 pm (UTC)

Got This One Too

Found this one also at Wal-Mart.

Quality was abysmal, but for $1.25 per serial, it's hard to complain. Actually only two of them had horrible quality, the last two. The Adventures of Rex and Rinty, and The Law of The Wild were of slightly better quality, merely mediocre.

The only one I watched so far was the Adventures of Rex and Rinty. This is actually a jungle serial, whereas the other three are Westerns. Westerns are not my favorite, so I liked this one the best. Probably worth the price for that one serial alone. They pulled a lot of strings, plot-wise, to get Rin-Tin-Tin AND Rex the Wonder Horse to a mythical/mystical fictional island nation near Africa, but it was worth it. Highly entertaining stuff.
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