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Rin Tin Tin

Several of Mill Creek's smaller combinations have been showing up at Big Lots
(Best of Jack Benny, Best of Cisco Kid) for $6 and WalMart (Robin Hood Season one -- Richard Greene) for $5.

Yesterday, I picked up "The Legend of Rin Tin Tin" at WalMart for $5, expecting it to be 48 episodes from the TV series. A quick look at the back cover told me different. This is 4 movie serials:
1. Adventures of Rex and Rinty, The
2. Law of the Wild, The
3. Lightning Warrior, The
4. Lone Defender, The

I probably would have gotten it, even if it were the TV series (I was a big fan once) but I definitely got it when I realized what it was -- I mean, I think these are all available elsewhere for, at best, $9 each. Have not looked at them to assess picture quality yet.


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