Chris (quirkofonic) wrote in cheap_dvds,

a quick note about Digiview's Bullwinkle DVDs

I just got three DVDs from Ebay put out by Digiview that feature Bullwinkle material. Of course, these were taken from the old TV syndication prints that I used to see as a kid in the Seventies. Anyhow, I was googling around for more info, and I discovered a thread on the GAC forum. That's Golden Age cartoons. I dunno if any of you are part of that forum, but since I could not register because they have that graphic you need to copy which my screen reader cannot read, I thought I'd post a quick note here and hopefully one of you can pass it along for what it's worth. A few posters on that thread indicated that when they went to play these Digiview DVDs, there was no audio. I got audio on my DVDs, but my DVD player is part of a combo with a TV and it has stereo speakers. By using headphones, I discovered that for some reason, the cartoon audio has been recorded out-of-phase. So depending on how your DVD player is set up and how you actually hear the audio, if you have, for example, a mono TV, if you mix down out-of-phase audio to mono, it just cancels out, so you get either no sound or very faint sound. I've noticed out-of-phase audio on a few isolated cartoons on other Digiview DVDs, but not throughout the whole DVD. One poster to the forum wrote to Digiview and was told they'd replace his DVDs when he explained the problem to them. I hope this means they ran a new batch with the sound in actual mono and not out of phase.
Just for those of you who are curious, I don't know which volume is which, but one volume, which I assume is the first one, involves a storyline concerning a newspaper's publicity stunt for a treasure hunt. You only get three episodes, which contain six Bullwinkle episodes and other elements but do not complete the full storyline. Another DVD contains mostly the other stuff outside of Bullwinkle stories, such as "Aesop and Son," "Fractured Fairy Tales" and a "Dudley Doorite" episode and two or three "Mr. Peabody" episodes. The third DVD seems to be the expanded version of the first one, as you get all the episodes encompassing the newspaper treasure hunt storyline.

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