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New St. Clair collection: Classic Tales of Adventure

I stumbled over this when I was looking at the Suncoast website for a cheap copy of Three Musketeers with Douglas Fairbanks, Senior.

Classic Tales of Adventure is supposed to retail for $10. Suncoast online had it on sale for $6 at the time. Best Buy online had it for $9. Tried to pick it up locally, but finally ordered it from Suncoast online (postage was $3). Took a week to reach me.

It contains (on 3 DVDs)
Three Musketeers (Fairbanks)
Iron Mask (Fairbanks)
Robin Hood (Fairbanks)
Thief of Bagdad (Fairbanks)
Beloved Rogue (John Barrymore)
Son of Monte Christo (Louis Hayward)
East of Borneo (appears to be the runt of the litter)
Scarlett Pimpernel (few of the reviews even mentioned this was there)
-- the box claimed this starred Marius Goring (he was in a TV series)
-- It's the Leslie Howard version.

For some reason, my wife found it hilarious that 5 of these movies were silent. "You can watch them while I take a nap!"

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