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The Height of Low

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I had been meaning to blog about these DVDs for some time, but my internet connection was down for WEEKS, so all 10 of you that read this blog have been deprived of my wry anecdotes. For this I apologize.

I picked these up some months ago, in fact it was so long ago now that I can't remember exactly where, but I think it was at a 99 cent store in (appropriately) a basement in a 100 year old building near Skid Row. Charming, I know, but I don't live too far away from there.

Anyway, these horror/comedies are the lowest of low budget indie movies. So low you've never heard of them, and I've never heard of them, (and I seek out this kind of bargain basement cinema) with one exception. More on that in a minute.

They're on a label that I've never seen before or since, SRS Cinema. The Address given is the unhelpful "New York, NY USA," but based on the typography they look like an offshoot of our old buddy Miracle Pictures. They are "distributed exclusively by Vidtape, Inc."

I should note that these are all still sealed and I have not yet watched them, but here's a quick rundown based on the box descriptions:

BRAIN DRAINER: "Director Mike Legge is back with his funniest movie yet!" WHO?? Anyway, this is a "sci-fi spoof that has to be seen by all true lovers of the high camp movies of the 1950's." No review on Rotten Tomatoes. Sounds like it's right up my alley, though. Imdb rating: 6.3.
WORKING STIFFS: "An unscrupulous temporary employment agency discovers the secret to cheap labor. Through the use of voodoo spells, freshly killed employees are brought back to life to become workaholics from the grave." Funny idea, sounds like THE OFFICE meets NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Has one relatively positive review on IMDB. Listed on Rotten Tomatoes, but no reviews.

DOGS IN QUICKSAND: (Picture not shown): "A quirky, offbeat tale of sex and betrayal in a rural farming community" with "the structure of a b movie who-done-it." ImDb rating: 7.0. Could be worth watching.
SHUSTERMAN LEVINE (Picture not shown):A drama about a boxer competing in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Not listed or reviewed anywhere.

CHEERLEADER AUTOPSY:Another goofy horror comedy. A busload of cheerleaders are wiped out in a freak accident (aren't they always freak accidents? Are there any other kind?). "An Alzheimer's afflicted mortician, his college dropout nephew and a simpering night janitor...soon find themselves pitted against each other" in a race to bring the nubile cheerleaders back to life with a magic potion. Wow. What a plot. Has a 2.6 rating on IMDB.
FART - THE MOVIE: Here's the film I have a familiarity with. Around 1991, this guy was advertising in the Hollywood Reporter soliciting music that he could put in this movie. This is something I had done before (and been paid for), so I sent the guy some music...long story short, I never heard back from him. But who knows, maybe he used my music without telling me. I'll have to watch the movie and find out, as stupid as it sounds. Plot: A guy who loves FARTING falls asleep in front of the TV, and dreams all the TV shows are about FARTING. WOW! I'm speechless at how stupid this idea is (though I would have happily taken $200 from the guy if he used any of my songs...) This "movie" gets a 5.7 rating on IMBD, but I can't help but thinking this rating is skewed by sarcastic wiseasses who are giving it an insincere 10 rating as a great work of art.

Of all of these messes, Working Stiffs has a funny idea. Might watch that. I'll have to watch "FART" also, but only as a homework assignment. The Cheap DVD Hunter must sacrifice his own sanity for the greater good, sometimes.

UPDATE: I watched one of the DVDs, and it does in fact contain the "Passion Productions" logo, part of Miracle Pictures. The movies are also shot on video, and since they date from prior to HD, I mean lousy VHS video. Not even as good quality-wise as the sketches I shot in college.

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