bobsan (bobsan) wrote in cheap_dvds,

Dollar Tree cartoon DVDs from East West

Finally some new discs arrived at my local dollar tree store:
Last movies there were VHS titles.
Then old books on tape from cassettes.
Cartoon titles are from East West.
First time to my knowledge that they have carried this companies discs.

Here is what I was able to get.

Once Upon a Time : Vol 1
Tobor The 8th Man & Friends : Vol 1
Clutch Cargo: Vol 5
Junior and Friends: Vol 1
Casper and Friends: Vol 3
Mutt and Jeff: Vol 1
Popeye and Friends : Vol 1
Talking Magpies and Friends: Vol 1
Diver Dan: Vol 2
Little rascals Vol 4 - 1955 (TV)
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