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Mill Creek Has New Releases

About Nothing over 6 bucks each!

Previous Entry Mill Creek Has New Releases Jul. 14th, 2007 @ 04:09 pm Next Entry
Mill Creek has yet more releases, but I'm not fainting with excitement over them.

In addition to the new 50 Packs mentioned below, namely Night Screams and Western Legends, There's also Suspense Classics.

There's also a new 100 movie pack coming out next month, Sci-Fi Classics. Like the other 100 packs, these films are all repeats from other Mill Creek multipacks. Some of these movies have been repeated a sickening amount of times; "Moon of the Wolf" is featured on NINE different multi-packs. This huge box of sludge is only worth it if you're just starting your collection, otherwise, nothing new there methinks.

Night Screams is also a tad heavy on repeats, with 16 of the movies recycled. The rest of the stuff is common PD fodder (like "The Wasp Woman") or stuff they grabbed from Alpha Video (I think they are the only other ones offering "Daughter of the Tong" and some of these other REALLY old movies from the 1930's.) "Manfish" is a rare Lon Chaney item that Retromedia had released on a special Lon Chaney disc.

Suspense Classics has movies that are all repeats, but are mostly repeated from the Action Classics 100 Movie box only. If you're not ready to commit to one of the Big Boys, this box might suit you nicely. Most of these movies are from the 70's and 80's and are in color, so you might enjoy this release if watching black-and-white stuff from the 30's or 40's is not your bag. Also, many of these are Italian police films, which I know some people have a fetish for.

Western Legends has only 5 repeated movies from other Mill Creek products (4 John Wayne movies and a Roy Rogers), so this might work out for western fans, but I must warn that many of these are "Poverty Row" type Westerns from the 1930's (directed by Sam Newfield), peppered with a few from later decades. No Spaghetti westerns this time, it seemed like.

Classic Superheroes is actually two serials, "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe" and "The Green Archer." MSRP is $7.98, so look for this at 5 bucks or so. At that price it's well worth it as both are among the better serials produced. A recommended purchase.

The Ultimate Pirates Collection is 15 pirate-themed movies(Duh), with an MSRP of 14.95. Should be selling for 10-12 bucks. Only a few repeats there. Obviously released to tie-in with Pirates of the Caribbean. Looks like some good stuff and I might pick up that one.
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Date:July 15th, 2007 06:10 pm (UTC)
I own the "Suspense Classics" 100-pack and I can confirm that it's contents are, in fact, exactly the same as those of the "Action Classics" and "Suspense Classics" 50-packs. In fact, the actual DVD sleeves give the name of the 50-packs that they were originally in! (The "Action Classics" still has all logos for Treeline Films instead of Mill Creek).

At first, when looking at the Sci-Fi classics 100-pack, I assumed that it would be the same thing, with the contents of the "Sci-Fi Classics" and "Nightmare Worlds" sets combined. However, I looked at the listing for the contents (you can too: ) and found a number of titles (THE LUCIFER COMPLEX, MOLE MEN AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES, THE DISAPPEARANCE OF FLIGHT 412) that weren't on either of those packs. I assume this means that the set will be newly pressed discs, like their "Horror Classics" 100-pack
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