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Mill Creek related observations

In this context: “new” means not in a previous Mill Creek collection.
1) 1 month old: Seen in the $5.50 (or 2 for $11) bin at Wal Mart
.a. 20 John Wayne Movies (half from 100 Westerns, half “new”)
.b. 20 Roy Rogers Movies (all from 100 Westerns)
.c. 20 Mean Guns (all from 100 Westerns)
.d. 10 Westerns (all from 100 Westerns)

2) 3 weeks old: Seen for $5 at Big Lots
.a. 20 Burnt Rubber – a lot of non collected stuff including a serial: “Burn ‘em Up Barnes”

3) 1-2 weeks old: Announced new packs
.a. 50 Comedy Kings
.b. 50 Western Legends
..i. Has John Wayne movies previously only in the 20 pack
..ii. Has some “new” Roy Rogers Movies
..iii. Several not in any of their packs.
.c. 10 Ninja Assassins (from 50 Martial Arts)
.d. 10 On the Run (all appear in other collections)

4) Today: Non-announced – I just happened to look and there they were
.a. Three slasher sounding 6 packs: Hardcore Horrors, Morbid Mutilations and Sadistic Sinners. Half the movies are “new”. What’s interesting is that half also claim to appear in…
.b. 50 Decrepit Crypt of Nightmares (sounds like a joke title, doesn’t it?)
..i. I can’t find a listing for that one. However, in looking for it I found…
.c. 50 Night Screams (I want this one!)
..i. Has all of the not-previously-collected movies in 100 Horror
..ii. Has NONE of the previously mentioned slasher flicks
..iii. Also has a lot of “new” stuff on the border of Mystery and Horror

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