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Cheap DVD Roundup - Belleville, Ontario

A mall I infrequently visit but like because it has a half-price bookstore and discount stores had its Liquidation World replaced by The Bargain Shop (LW moved.)  The Bargain Shop's DVD selection was sparse, a mix of random low-budget shit mixed with some random Hollywood shit like About Schmidt.  Nothing stood out.

The VHS selection was not much better - a lot of WWE VHS tapes (Insurrextion 2003, a Shawn Michaels compilation, other random PPVs) and little else.  The only notable thing was a tape of Noah's Park: Dreamer Has a Nightmare, an episode of a Christian animated series put out by Lionsgate.  From the cover I assumed the nightmare was the camel and rhino evolving into bipeds in some sort of ham-handed treatise against evolution, but the nightmare's about the Biblical flood.

A Buck or Two were selling DVDs (for $4.99) of mainly Madacy and Legacy Entertainment product.  The Killer Creature double features made a few appearances, as well as double-feature lines put out by Legacy - Before They Were Famous and Hard-Hitting Street Crimes.  One of the Before They Were Famous double features had a Michael Douglas film, which is funny since the title of the line isn't Before They Escaped from the Shadows of Famous Fathers and Their Movie Careers Stood Out on Their Own.  Oh, and Madacy put out Michael Winslow Live (1999).  That's right, the sound effects guy from Police Academy has a concert DVD with features that aren't just Scene Selection and Interactive Menus!

The Loblaws supermarket had some DVD displays - George Shrinks and Franklin for the kids and some Lionsgate/Warner Bros./random DVD company fare for the generalists.  Quality/Direct Source Special Products has a line of PD cartoon compilations, Quality Cartoons.  Don't get excited, it's just the same Max Fleischer Superman cartoons and stuff like An Elephant Never Forgets given another go-round.  Notable titles from the main pile (ones I bought given a * and in the $3.99-$5.99 price range):

*The Maltese Falcon (1941) ($4.99)
*Private Parts (1972) ($3.99 - Paul Bartel, neat)
*Rare Birds (2001) ($3.99)
Superman III (1983) (I forget the price; around $4.99 I assume)
Action Jackson (1988) ($3.99)
Fighting Spirit (1992) a/k/a King of the Kickboxers 2 ($3.99) - Séville Pictures put this DVD out.  There are two films that claim to be the first King of the Kickboxers sequel out there.  This is the one that doesn't feature someone getting his pants pulled down in a fight.
Pocket Ninjas (1997) ($5.99 - atomicmmonster should especially be interested in this one)

Er, that's it!
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