packratshow (packratshow) wrote in cheap_dvds,

Brentwood Christmas discs, genius company info.

Just read over on Dr. Mark's Pop Music & Pop Culture Yahoo group that the Brentwood "Dollar-DVD" holiday discs have shown up the Factory Card & Party Outlet chains. I've sent a representative in Memphis, TN to go check that out.

I was at Wal-Mart and saw that they got a new wave of Digiview dollar discs in... and they're all the same as the first wave but with better covers! I wonder if Wal-Mart complained, the old covers were pretty bad. Some stores still have many of the cartoons collections left.

I stopped by the genius product, inc website and notice dthey have new conference call up. Here's the direct link:

November 12th, 2004 Shareholders Conference Call Audio

They don't really talk about the movie/television/cartoons classics dollar discs. It is interesting to listen to how a budget DVD company thinks, though.
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