packratshow (packratshow) wrote in cheap_dvds,

Welcome to Cheap DVDs!

Hey everybody! I made a short introduction/explanation that's so damn well written that I've made it the community bio.

Welcome to cheap_dvds. Have you ever seen that section of 5.99 DVDs at beast buy? Ever seen the cheap DVDs at the local drugstore featuring major stars in movies you've never heard of? How about the hundreds of different DVD titles available at your local dollar store? What about those weird DVD 10 packs of movies? ...Or 20 packs, or even the infamous 50 movie mega pack?

If you've ever been tempted to get some, but wondered exactly what was on those damn things, you're in the right place. You'll also feel at home if you already own hundreds of the damn things(like I do)!

This is the realm of Cheap DVDs. Such glorious company names at Brentwood, Quality Special Products, Treeline Films, Platinum Disc Corporation... Prices can sometimes go as low at 40 cents a movie, but nothing higher than 5.99 each! It's a place to inquire about certain titles, review the discs themselves, and give news about where they're cropping up.

I'm based in Houston Texas, but we welcome Cheap DVD fans from all over the place, so let us know what you've found, what you like, what you hate, and what you've got.
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