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Back last Halloween, we talked about the batch of Halloween Family Value Collection double feature DVDs that got released. They then got recalled, if I recall (ha ha!) at least at Dollar Tree stores. There was some speculation it might have been yanked for the artwork, not the movies. Or maybe I'm imagining that, I don't know. Anyway, I seem to have found one source for the artwork on the "Dungeon of Harrow" disc while trawling E-Bay, a Mexican lobby card for an obscure horror film that I can't identify as anything anyone's ever heard of. (UPDATE: I believe that's actually a Mexican lobby card for...Dungeon of Harrow!!! What are the odds??? So maybe they just grabbed the art from the standard poster, or more likely, from the box art from Alpha Video, which looks much more like the Family Value Disc...) If you want to compare the two, click on the following (scroll down the post):

Since it's only on Ebay for one more day, so I'm going to take the liberty of posting the pic here, if I can:

I'm posting this image under the doctrine of "fair use," so it's cool. Since this is an old image, and it's from another country, odds are it was never registered for copyright in the USA. Technically, if it is still registered in Mexico, it is still liable for copyright infringement, but come on. Who's going around enforcing the copyrights of hastily-drawn 40-year-old Mexican advertising illustrations? It's pretty freaky that I even found it.
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