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Cheap DVDs, Publishers Clearinghouse and you

Let's get some info out of the way first: I'm a member of popmusicpopculture, I do a site at sweetposer.tk and this is the first post I've made here.  Thus ends the disclaimer.

I recently received one of those missives from Publishers Clearinghouse telling me I MAY ALREADY BE A MILLIONAIRE.  That Publishers Clearinghouse continues to do this sweepstakes is bad enough.  Publishers Clearinghouse has somehow gradually turned into a J.D. Marvel clone as well (i.e., the company mainly sells items of dubious overall quality.)  The company's not trying to sell vibrators as massaging implements yet, but give Publishers Clearinghouse time.

Apparently Publishers Clearinghouse is courting the home video market.  It has been for some time, I imagine, but I have found at least two instances where the company is selling budget DVDs for more than they're really worth.  I wouldn't buy anything from Publishers Clearinghouse - that just means at least five years of junk mail - but some people would, and I feel sorry for them.

I'm not sure who released this Victory at Sea two-disc set.  Mill Creek Entertainment (a/k/a Treeline and Digital1Stop) might have put this out, but there's a more common three-disc set from Mill Creek floating around.  Victory at Sea seems to be public domain, although the market for 53-year-old documentary series about WWII can't be large or growing.  I imagine overall quality would have to be awful, as it usually is when one crams six hours onto one DVD.

This is a Genius Entertainment release being hawked for $20.  That Publishers Clearinghouse thinks this is worth twenty-four dollars is straining credulity.  The TV Guide Classic Entertainment four-disc sets regularly retail for $10 at discount stores that I've been to, and Genius Entertainment is well-known for its dollar DVDs.  Yes, it's Publishers Clearinghouse and it can charge what it wants for what it sells.  I still can't see 2 discs of PD westerns going for more than $10 - that is, unless you're gullible enough to pay for this.

This isn't strictly "budget DVD" per se, but it sure is bizarre to see Publishers Clearinghouse sell The Code Conspiracy.  The film came out a while ago through The Asylum Home Entertainment, and it's considered to be surprisingly good.  I've seen at least one release from The Asylum (St. John's Wort, original title Otogiriso) enter the realm of budget DVD.  I guess Publishers Clearinghouse wanted something to cash in on The DaVinci Code, but it selling something from a horror label seems incongruous - not that The Code Conspiracy is a horror film, mind you, just that horror is The Asylum's stock in trade.

There were also two VHS releases, both involving sexual techniques and both being sold for over $20.00 at a time when some VHS tapes are selling for $0.99.  I honestly wonder why this company hasn't blipped out of existence yet.  Does Publishers Clearinghouse actually sell magazine subscriptions these days or is it trying to become as low-rent a QVC clone as possible?
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