August 21st, 2007

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  • mikemdp

The Good, the Bad and the Hobbit

Two great recent finds...

EastWestDVD, which a year or so ago released the animated Rankin Bass version of The Hobbit in its dollar-DVD line, has come through with RB's second and final "Rings" installment, 1980's The Return of the King.

Those of us old enough to remember its first broadcast will recall curious elements such as:

  • An artistic style that looked as if the entire movie had been done in watercolor
  • Roddy McDowall as the voice of Samwise (and as the evil, taunting voice of the ring)
  • The non-Tolkien addition of a strumming minstrel to fill us in on all the details we missed in the previous books, voiced by Limeliter folkie Glenn Yarbrough ("Frodo of the nine fingers, and the ring of dooooooooom!").

I picked this up in National Wholesale Liquidators. Worth every penny of the dollar, it was. I recommend it to all.

A similarly great deal was the box set of nine spaghetti Westerns I picked up at Stop & Shop for $7.50. None of them star Clint Eastwood, but many of them star Lee Van Cleef. Four of the nine titles are widescreen format, but with three on each DVD, don't expect wonderful quality. To its credit, St. Clair Entertainment Group includes a disclaimer at the beginning about deterioration of the original negatives causing uneven quality. Hey, for $7.50 I'm not complaining. There's also a few extras, including a bunch of spaghetti Western trailers.

It includes these movies:

Happy viewing!