June 15th, 2007

Big Lots is a Total Disaster

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I got these a while back but I hadn't gotten around to posting about them until now. Not too much activity on the site recently, so here we go.

I am a sucker for cheesy disaster movies. When I find a whole bunch together like these, I have no choice but to pounce, especially when they are so obscure like these, and cost only two or three bucks each. Most of these are on Questar Video, a label which previously I identified with boring non-fiction or travel videos like "World's Greatest Journeys by Llama."

These are all obscure TV movies. I doubt any of these even made it to DVD until now. Let's quickly go through the scary threats menacing the earth in each one of these:

FIRE: NATURE UNLEASHED - Forest fire set by killer arsonist
RAGING SHARKS - Pissed-off sharks made insane by magnetic fields unleased by ocean-floor earthquakes threaten scientists in an undersea lab complex (wow, that's...original)
SUPERNOVA - the sun may blow up, destroying the Earth, but military and political leaders fail to heed the warnings of a heroic astrophysicist who tries to warn the world.
TRAPPED: BURIED ALIVE - Arrogant architect builds "state-of-the-art ski lodge" right in an avalanche prone area! He does his best to try to discredit the heroic fireman who tries to warn the town!
CALIFORNIA QUAKE - Earthquake researchers uncover black market nuclear weapons dealers while fleeing Los Angeles after a massive quake!
AVALANCHE - Another avalanche movie, this one takes place in Russia
KILLER FLOOD: THE DAY THE DAM BROKE - The dam is old and in danger of breaking! But the corrupt construction company president is doing his best to discredit the heroic architect who tries to warn the town! (Sounds a little familiar...)
LIGHTNING: BOLTS OF DESTRUCTION - Violent lightning storms caused by sunspots threaten to destroy the earth! The military and political leaders refuse to heed the warnings of the heroic climatologist who tries to warn the world!
COMBUSTION - Underground methane gas pockets threaten to explode, destroying a small town! No one will believe the heroic (fill in blank) who tries to warn the town!
FROZEN IMPACT - The earth is in severe danger from...killer hail! Killer HAIL? Are you flipping KIDDING ME? That's it. They have officially run out of things to menace the earth.

I've only watched SUPERNOVA so far. That one was actually a mini-series (4 hours with commercial breaks, 3 hours without). Just the level of great acting you'd expect. The special effects were not too bad CGI stuff, honestly. You get some pretty good stuff nowadays pretty cheap.

The cover art here is spectacular. Most of them are the same: head shots of the three main "stars" over a background of fire, water, or whatever the threat of the week is. I also like the C-level talents on these. Ted McGinley, Stacy Keach, Luke Perry, Bruce Boxlietner, Reginald VelJohnson, Jack Scalia, Emma Samms, and wow, Gabrielle Carteris twice! Do I smell Emmys? No, I don't.