May 8th, 2007

More Fun at Big Lots!

Like Bob just said, a new shipment of DVD fun showed up at my local BigLots! $2 or $3 each.

A large number of odd movies from Columbia/Sony and a bunch of unknown titles from this company Blue Laser that I've never heard of. Also a bunch of DVDs from Echo Bridge Entertainment that they had previously, like a 2005 TV mini-series remake of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE(crazy obscure), and JULES VERNE'S MYSTERIOUS ISLANDwith Kyle MacLachlan, also from 2005.

The pick to click was THE GIDGET COLLECTION, all three Sandra Dee Gidget movies for $3, a dollar per movie. That is, if you like cheesy fluff like Gidget movies. Also picked up
with Rita Hayworth and Douglas Fairbanks Jr., LETHAL NINJA with one of my favorite low-budget action stars David Heavener (not listed on IMDB!), and SPEED DEMON directed by David DeCoteau, a great shlock artiste of the highest order. That one seems more than a bit like Quentin Tarantino's DEATH PROOF, except it came out four years ago. Hmmmm....

Also secured a copy of FAST FOOD, a movie actually written by (and starring!) a distant cousin of mine that I've never met. It also has Traci Lords, Michael J. Pollard, and Jim "Ernest" Varney in it! Glarghh! Many other interesting films there including some foreign films and Charlie's Angels compilations (the TV series), so check your local store.