April 27th, 2007

End-of-April Campbellford Cheap DVD Roundup

No opening spiel here.  This is what was found in Giant Tiger, Liquidation World and the Amazing Dollar Store - not that I bought any of the titles I am highlighting here.  Seemed to be a weak crop.  Giant Tiger is in orange, Liquidation World in red and Amazing Dollar Store in amazing dollar green.  All titles are in the sub-$5 range unless otherwise specified.

GT The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (1956)
GT Fear Chamber (1972)
GT The Movie House Massacre (1984) (a/k/a Blood Theater)

Japanime and Japan/Asian live-action
GT Initial D "Battles" (Volumes) 2, 13, 14
GT Freeway Speedway 6 (2004) - a rare Adness title.  Odd to see it at Giant Tiger
LW Blue Gender Volume 5
GT .hack//SIGN (first five episodes)

GT Jimmy MacDonald's Canada - CBC Retro series; basically clips from the CBC archives linked together by Richard Waugh's portrayal of a stuffy conservative-type.  The clips are awesome.  The links are not.
GT Atomic Betty Volumes 1 and 2
GT Dragon Booster (Funimation put this out for some reason.  As an aside, there's a LOT of Dragonball GT shit out there)
GT Kaput and Zösky (2002)
GT Four Seasons in the Life of Ludovic

Assorted Junk
LW Madacy's Killer Creature series, either as a five-DVD set or as five double features.  Nothing out of the ordinary - Tormented, Atom Age Vampire etc. ($9.99)
GT Hooper (1978)
LW The Mummy Lives (1993) (CANNON!)
LW Electra (1996) (Shannon Tweed)
LW Ready to Rumble (2000)
GT The Karate Dog (2004) - Chevy Chase plays a talking dog!  The director of the film, Bob Clark, recently died in a car crash.
ADS The infamous (at least to foywonder) Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 (2001)
LW Warner Bros. Cartoons Golden Jubilee 24 Karat Collection - A Salute to Friz Freleng (VHS, $2.99)

Madacy has a 5-DVD set of Chiba films with a 2004 copyright date on the box.  I'm sure at least one of these films is not PD:
Ryu no oujo/Dragon Princess (1981)
Ninja bugeicho momochi sandayu/Shogun's Ninja (1980) (Madacy misidentifies this as Shogun Ninja)
Shôrinji kenpô/The Killing Machine (1975) (Madacy misidentifies this as Killing Machine)
Makai tenshô/Samurai Reincarnation (1981)
Karate Kiba/The Bodyguard (1976)

I imagine the quality on the Madacy discs must "eat ass," as the ancient scroll says.  Am I wrong in that assumption?