March 26th, 2007

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EastWest cartoons that ain't for kids...

I actually had to remove this EastWest DVD from my kids' cartoon library. I picked it up for all of ten cents from a local grocery store, figuring, "Hey, for a dime..."

Oy! Forget the copyright-infringement-skirting cover -- this Pinocchio turns out to be an Italian-made movie from 1972 which is extremely faithful to the original story. So faithful, as a matter of fact, that:

  • Pinocchio kills the cricket for telling him off so much
  • Those "Hey-diddly-dee" fox and cat characters lynch Pinocchio (in a graphic hanging scene reminiscent of a spaghetti Western)
  • Lampwick (that annoying boy who goes to Pleasure Island with Pinocchio) ends up dying as a farmer's beast of burden

The animation is fine, but gawd! I had to answer so many "why...?" questions from my toddlers I began to wonder if their psyches had been permanently harmed by this.

Another painfully faithful EastWest nursery story offering is its Boy Who Cried Wolf DVD. The title story ends with the young shepherd sobbing heavily as a tiny baby sheep is about to be devoured. On the same DVD is "The Ant and the Grasshopper," which ends with the latter insect freezing to death as he ponders why he didn't work as hard as the ants (pictured callously reading by the fireplace as the repentant grasshopper is slowly covered with snow).

Oh, and as a bonus on that one is "All This and Rabbit Stew," with a shockingly (even for its day) racist portrayal of a black hunter chasing Bugs Bunny.

Parents, beware!