February 21st, 2007

Campbellford, Ontario Cheap DVD Rundown

This refers to what I saw on Monday, but I've haven't been arsed to post this until now.  Having a life does that to you.  I'm also posting the rundown here as opposed to PMPC just because this forum is more lively.

Both Giant Tiger and Liquidation World finally had shot of the inventory both stores had carried for a couple of years - well, not completely; Madacy's three-packs still choke LW's DVD kiosk to some degree.  Rex the Runt, GoodTimes cartoons, Terrahawks and other familiar faces are mostly GONE, replaced by a load of Lionsgate/Maple Pictures*/Artisan titles and the standard Hollywood fare.  The notable titles I found, mostly in the $4.99/$6.88 range ($4.89/$7.79 at Liquidation World - LW's taking ten/twenty cents off its previous price range makes no sense at all):

GT LW A lot of Saturday Night Live best-ofs - Gilda Radner, Tracy Morgan, Cheri Oteri, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, the odd old title like 25 Years of Music but mostly recent SNL discs.  I HUGELY recommend the Baldwin disc.
GT Davey & Goliath - one of the titles was a two-disc set
GT Rock 'n' Roll High School - two-disc set from New Concorde/Lionsgate.  Would have bought this had the discs not been loose
GT Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession - IFC/Hart Sharp, $6.88, 2-disc set - wish it had actual Z Channel footage, though
LW Three... Extremes (a/k/a Three Monster and Saam Gaang Yi) - this one I actually bought.  $4.89 for a two-disc set, Japanese horror, a 2006 release - do the math
GT Total Recall - $6.88 for the "special edition" in Mars tin

In addition, the Amazing Dollar Store (which really isn't) had some Val Lewton double features for $9.99.  Did you know there's at least one store that still sells copies of those Media Movies and More thirty-minute cartoon comps?  The Amazing Dollar Store tried to palm those off for $2.00 and recently cut the price to $1.00.  There weren't that many MMM discs so I assume the ruse worked, but that store has been trying to sell those things for at least a year.

I should note that I once bought the 2002 edition of the Time Out Film Guide for (I think) $2 there once.  Now that Amazing Dollar Store doesn't sell books like that and Going Nucular for ridiculous prices, I have no reason to want to go there anymore.

*Maple Pictures = Essentially Lionsgate Canada but also distributes the SNL best-ofs here for some reason