February 8th, 2007

so i'm back to the velvet underground

Newly acquired Digiview cartoon DVDs - my thoughts.

All covers in this post and my next one, except for Thumbelina, There's Good Boos, and Wind In The Willows, were scanned by me, as on many occasions, Amazon doesn't have covers for many of these DVDs. For that matter, they rarely have listings for many of the ones I get. Click the thumbnails to see the larger covers.


Just yesterday, I was in Wal Mart. I haven't picked up anything from the $1 DVD bin in ages, simply because there hasn't been anything worth picking up. However, Wal Mart ALWAYS has some good Digiview titles, especially the Toon Factory titles. I picked up two Toon Factory titles yesterday, and two animated films as well.

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I've got some more Toon Factory DVDs, a Brentwood cartoon feature DVD, and a Digiview cartoon feature DVD I want to review on here, but I'll do it later. I'll also post some caps from Thumbelina, The Wind In The Willows, and the Brentwood and Digivew cartoon feature DVDs in the near future, just to give you all an idea of what these programs are like.
so i'm back to the velvet underground

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I know my next post was supposed to be about the other Toon Factory DVDs and the Digiview and Brentwood cartoon feature DVDs I have, but I forgot to mention a recent purchase.

Keep your eyes out at Dollar General for some good Warner Bros. titles. Around Christmastime, I bought the two-disc widescreen edition of Million Dollar Baby for $5. And just a couple of weeks ago at Dollar General Market, I found the fullscreen edition of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in the now out-of-print cardboard snapcase for $6. Normally, I only buy widescreen or nothing at all, except for films never made in widescreen, but I made an exception for Willy Wonka, because...it's Willy Wonka. It's the same DVD that's available now - the only real difference is that the cardboard snapcase is no longer produced - it now comes in the regular Amaray DVD cases. But I still thought it was kind of cool to get an out-of-print edition of a DVD brand new for $6. (Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago at Rite-Aid, when they were selling two brand new unopened copies of the now out-of-print DVD edition of Annie, with both widescreen and fullscreen versions, for $10. The cheapest I found it on Amazon Marketplace when I checked last was about $17.)

I also often see previously-viewed DVDs for $6 or $10 at the Dollar General Market, and brand new non-PD titles for anywhere from $5 to $10 there as well. I bought Legally Blonde 2 previously viewed a while back for $6. I also paid $6 several months ago for a brand new sealed Stevie Nicks: Live At Red Rocks DVD.