January 26th, 2007

a few unrelated things

First, thanks to everybody for the fun discussion in the last topic I posted. See, I knew there were either diehard collectors out there or at least folks who could go and scan Amazon.com to see what's there. Thanks, guys.
Next, I have to share this thing. Thanks to Ebay, I've been buying most of the 20 horror DVDs put out by FVC in 2005. Seems either my local Dollar Tree didn't carry them or I just plain missed them because I wanted Halloween sound effects on CD that year. But anyhow, I have a scanner here and some software that will translate what text it sees into synthetic speech. It's not always perfect, so I had to go in and adjust the contrast and things, but on the back of the double feature of "Revolt of the Zombies" and "Revenge of the Zombies" or whatever it's called, we get this most detailed and elloquent description for the second feature.

These two grave robbers are robbing a tomb when they get trapped inside.
Then this voodoo guy shows up and brings the body to life and it kills them.
The dead body's cousin (I think) goes to this seance, then goes to a cursed
house to visit this guru.

How about that, eh? I mean, the dead body's cousin? Wow, what writing! I'll assume they snagged it from a user review on IMDB, but methinks I'll actually have to go to yonder website to see if I'm right. Gave me a chuckle, though.
Right, so now, third and last item, which relates to the afore-mentioned FVC horror double features. Despite sometimes hefty shipping costs from Ebay sellers, I now have 19 of the 20 listed FVC double features. I'm only missing one and I can't seem to get it on Ebay or in a Google search or whatever, so I'm asking for your help. It's the double feature of "Snowbeast" and "Curse of the Swamp Creature." This is the only one I'm missing and it seems I can't even nab it on Ebay. If any of you can help me get hold of a copy, please e-mail me at gamera42@gmail.com.
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