January 21st, 2007

Slightly off-topic, but not very

I never buy martial arts movies in cheap $1 versions.

It's actually extremely easy to buy them from Hong Kong. The exchange rate ends up very favorable, and 95% of them are all-region and have English subtitles (and 1 out of 8 or so also have dubs). They're much better quality than any PD movie you could buy here. Subtitles are usually terrible, but not more terrible than the dubs you're used to, just in a different way.

Check http://www.dddhouse.com/v3/product_list.php?CategoryID=1 and see: except for a single out-of-place Crouching Tiger, all the movies there are under five dollars US. I highly recommend Fong Sai Yuk 1 and 2, and Tai Chi Master. (And no, I have no affiliation with that site or any others.)