January 20th, 2007

Mill Creek Entertainment's Big Honking Boxes

I guess it was only a matter of time before this happened. Mill Creek Entertainment has introduced 100 Movie Box Sets. There are six different ones: Action Classics, Family Classics, Hollywood Classics, Mystery Classics and Western Classics. I also saw Combat Classics on Amazon.com, which was not listed on Mill Creek's own website.

I saw a few of these on sale at Best Buy for about $34.00. That's 34 cents per movie, if anyone's keeping track, making these surely deserving of coverage here on Cheap DVDs. Cheaper than buying a blank DVD and recording it off Turner Classic Movies, probably. Combat Classics was also available on Amazon for $34.60 used, and Action Classics, pictured above, was available for $31.39 plus shipping.

And now for the bad news: all of these 100 Movie Packs are merely combinations of previous 50 movie packs Mill Creek has already released, so, no new titles at all among the 600 movies. But, if you have not purchased any of these Mill Creek megapacks before, this extra discount (per movie) may be the push you needed to give them a try. Quality wise, these films vary widely in both content and film transfer quality, but for the price, I remain firmly convinced they are a good deal and will help you bulk up your collection for very little cost or even sacrifice of shelf space (100 movies in the space of 2 VHS tapes, kids). I own many of them and have found them worth the money, though I haven't nearly watched all the movies yet.
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