January 14th, 2007

potentially silly trivial question

OK, this is one of those curiosity things, but I figure some of you hardcore DVD collectors, and perhaps even some of you veterans who used to collect bargain VHS tapes might be able to tell me. So which movie do you think has been released the most number of times on cheap DVDs? I figure it might be something with a popular name like "Night of the Living Dead" or it might be something with a big star's name on it, even if their part was small, like "Little Shop of Horrors." I'm not limitting myself to horror titles necessarily, but those are two titles I've seen a lot. Here's the bonus question, if you're really hardcore. Which movie has been released by the same label the most number of times, and make sure to name the label. Again, although I'm not sure of the movie, but it seems Platinum Disc Corp and perhaps Madacy and Goodtimes tend to re-package the same stuff numerous times. I'll be curious to see what answers you guys can come up with.
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