December 13th, 2006

"The Sci-Fi Invasion" 4-movie set (Digiview)

Four titles, one buck! Available at Wal-Mart (...yeah I know, I know) as part of the line of dollar titles from scrappy new PD up-and-comer Digiview Entertainment. Included here are the fine low budget sci-fi chestnuts Assignment: Outer Space, Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet, and Warning From Space - all great in their own rights. The real reason to pick up this collection in my opinion however is the jaw-dropping Cosmos: War of the Planets, a brain smashingly bad Alfonso Brescia Italian space opera released in '77 or '78 hoping to coattail its way to profits on the huge surprise success of Star Wars (that's Episode IV to some of you). Imagine Manos, The Hands of Fate in outer space and you're in the right basic ballpark here. (And the director made four more flicks just like it!) This is a terrific set considering its meager price, the digital transfers are perfectly acceptable (though the source prints are a bit spotty) and I'd highly recommend this DVD to any fan of cheesy vintage sci-fi adventure...or for the craphound masochist Alfonso Brescia completist on your holiday shopping list. Score one for Digiview.