December 1st, 2006

  • bobsan

Visit to a Dollar Tree

Visited my local Dollar Tree again last night.
Several religious DVDs for children were available (like amazing animals in the bible etc..) which I did not get.
There were however some titles from Hollywood DVD all labeled cinema series.
This box of DVDs had almost been sold out but I was able to find nine different titles which I purchased.

45 Fantastic Fights of the Century
Penguins Story
Every Woman's Dream - 1996 (TV)
Innocent Victims - 1996 (TV)
Virus - 1980 (labeled Directors Cut)
Mike Hammer Private Eye - 1997 (TV) - A new Leaf
Family Pictures - 1993 (TV)
Your Mother Wears Combat Boots - 1989 (TV)
Getting Gotti - 1994 (TV)