November 27th, 2006

  • mikemdp

I saw mommy kissing Skeletor...

For all those into such things, one of the several quirky holiday DVDs I found at the Christmas Tree Shop recently was the He-Man She-Ra Christmas Special for $5.99. From the release notes:

    When Orko accidentally winds up on Earth during the Christmas winter, he befriends two children after saving their lives. While trying to figure out a way back home, the children tell a curious Orko about the nature of the holidays and the good will and cheer that go hand in hand.

    When they finally return to Eternia, the holiday spirit is spread amongst the entire Royal Palace. Everyone soon rejoices at the idea of Christmas the same time they honor the nearby birthday's of Princess Adora and her twin brother Prince Adam... also known to us as She-Ra and He-Man!

    But trouble brews when the horrible Horde Prime commands Skeletor and Hordak to crush this newly discovered festive enthusiasm. Soon, Hordak and Skeletor are in a contest to kidnap the children, appease Horde Prime and destroy Christmas on Eternia and Etheria!

    Now He-Man and She-Ra, along with one of the largest teams of heroes ever depicted in a single episode, struggle to stop these two super villains and a colossal crew of evil lackeys from completing their horrible mission!