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November 6th, 2006

About Nothing over 6 bucks each!

Lovely Christmas DVDs at Dollar Tree 07:22 am
Ho ho ho!

I found these wonderful holiday DVDs at Dollar Tree. They're such a simple idea, I wish I'd thought of them myself.

All they are are video shots of Christmas trees and decorations and drive-by shots of holiday lighting displays, all set to some generic licensed choir music.

Might sound a bit simplistic, but just pop this one in the player, light a fire in the fireplace and see if it doesn't make you feel all gingerbready (ooh, I like making up words!).

The DVD is from Allegro, which has so many divisions I can't really find the Web site for the arm that distributed these gems.

The company, under different names, has also released the standard PD Christmas cartoons, holiday episodes of old TV shows and corny Scrooge movies. I bought 'em all -- what a Christmas treat!

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