October 25th, 2006

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  • mikemdp

Midnight in the Garden of the Dead Dollar Store Scarecrows

Here's something from East West I haven't seen before: A double feature which includes the old '80s movie Scarecrows and '70s zombie flick Garden of the Dead. I picked it up at a dollar store (don't recall the name) which had a lot of East West releases I hadn't seen before, including Donny and Marie Osmond's wonderfully unbearable (and unabashedly misspelled) Goin' Coconuts.

Scarecrows I remember having been a decent horror film way back when. These days a film like this would go directly to video but in the Reaganomic '80s there was enough scratch going around to actually rate a theatrical release. The print used for this DVD is so murky and blotchy it's hard to watch.

Garden of the Dead is a new one on me, but a little Web research found it's probably not a kosher release from East West. Troma apparently has this one licensed.

So, here's the pic:

Damn and blast
East West for not updating its Web site. I had to scan this myself.