October 11th, 2006

  • met88

Recent Finds

Dollar Tree

Found 13 of last years FVC horror double features.

The Screaming Skull - 1958 / Tormented - 1960

Haunted Nights Defective?
I tried 2 copies from 2 stores, both with same results. Does not load to menu. "Screaming Skull" is a widescreen print but has several freezes during first half of film (quit watching). "Tormented" will not play! 1st frame loads 1/2 way & locks with 1/2 menu screen visible. Disc is single side\single layer. Buyer Beware.

Also found a few copies of Lady Frankenkenstein - 1971 from Treasure Box in cardboard sleeve.

Family Dollar

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef - 1953/The Treasure of Jamaica Reef - 1976 (Into The Deep Vol:2)(Brentwood) $1

Those interested in these films will be surprised to find both presented in "Scope" widescreen. 12-Mile Reef's print is near mint & includes a nice original trailer after the film. Jamaica Reef's print is good with some sections of print wear.

Big Lots

At one of my local stores they had several copies of $1 single features from UAV (Gemstone, Ovation, Sterling) in full size keepcases.

Dracula vs. Frankenstein - 1970

Paul Naschy is not listed on cover or the credits on IMDB but his character gets the most screen time of the 4 monsters featured.
Rough patches but mostly watchable, edited print with nice cover & disc art, nice animated menu, filmographies & trivia. 77 min.

Stuntwoman - 1977

French slapstick comedy dubbed in english featuring Raquel Welch in several revealing outfits including a few see-through & wet tops. Good print with no damage. Nice cover & disc art with filmographies. 92 min.

Lovers and Liars - 1979

Foreign romantic comedy in english starring Goldie Hawn. This is the 3rd version I've seen & 1st to have rear & full frontal nudity from Lorraine De Selle & a couple of non-nude love scenes of Hawn. Pretty Good Print. Nice cover art. 92 min.

There were also $1 copies of "Horror Express", "White Zombie", "The Terror", several of the usual Tv Shows & loads of martial arts titles for $3.99? (can't remember)

Also spotted licensed copies of.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: TNG - 1994 Uncut Canadian Version (Lions Gate) $3
Kannibal - 2001 (Cajun Pictures) Featuring B-Queens Linnea Quigley & Eileen Daly. $3
Blair Witch 2 - 2001 (Artisan) Includes a full length cd on flip-side with film score & a few metal tunes. $3.99

Dollar General

The Mummy - 1999 (Ultimate Edition)(2 discs) (Ws\Fs) Canadian Version $4
Field of Dreams - 1989 (Anniversary Edition)(2 discs)(Ws) $4

Bealls Outlet

Grand Theft Auto - 1977 (25th Anniversary Special Edition)(New Conorde) $4.99


Halloween Display $4.88

Village of the Damned - 1960\Children of the Damned - 1963 (double feature)
It's Alive - 1974
Jacqueline Hyde - 2005 (Unrated)

Digiview $1. From my experience & numerous reviews (Google), Digiview purposely edit objectionable content out of their releases so I've quit looking. Buyer beware.

Circuit City (sale ends 10/14/06)


Alien - 1979 (20th Anniversary Edition)
Land of the Dead - 2005 (Unrated Directors Cut)
Finding Neverland - 2004

Good Luck,