September 9th, 2006

Golgo 13

Digiview's Latest Releases Part 2 (?)

Despite what I had previously reported, Phantom Raiders does NOT have the same trailer at the end like Karate Cop and Omega Cop. It in fact has a trailer that shows a whole new set of releases. The following is a list of a possible second series of unreleased (yet) films:

Recent Full Length Films
Game Day (1999)
Dope Case Pending (2000)

Older Full Length Films
Phantom Raiders (1988) The trailer for Phantom Raiders on Phantom Raiders was completely different then the trailer for Phantom Raiders on Karate and Omega Cop

Death Of A Prophet (1981)
Mesmerized (1986)

Made For TV Movies
Danger Beneath The Sea (2001)
Room To Move (1987)

TV Shows
Sandy The Seal (1969)

Aladin and His Magic Lamp (could be one of several different titles)
Howard Lederer Tells All (2004)

More From Mill Creek


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Not sure if we covered this release from Mill Creek already, but hey, another month, another 50 film DVD box set. This time we get mostly science fiction with a few horror films mixed in, and the vague title Nightmare Worlds fits this assortment rather well. The cover art is also quite attractive.

I would say that I own at least half of these already. That would leave about 25 titles I don't own, so I might give this one a try.


1. Alien Contamination
2. Alien Species
3. All the Kind Strangers *
4. Alpha Incident, The
5. Atomic Rulers of the World
6. Attack From Space *
7. Beast of the Yellow Night
8. Counterblast *
9. Day the Sky Exploded, The
10. Death Warmed Up *
11. Doomsday Machine, The *
12. Embryo
13. End of the World, The *
14. Eternal Evil *
15. Evil Brain from Outer Space
16. Frozen Alive
17. Fury of the Wolf Man
18. Good Against Evil *
19. House of the Dead *
20. House of the Living Dead *
21. How Awful About Alan
22. Idaho Transfer
23. Lost City, The (Part 1 and Part 2) *
24. Lost World, The *
25. Maciste in Hell *
26. Manster, The
27. Mistress of Atlantis, The *
28. Night Fright
29. Nightmare Never Ends, The
30. Panic *
31. Phantom Creeps, The
32. Piranha, Piranha
33. Prisoners of the Lost Universe *
34. Purple Death from Outer Space *
35. Radio Ranch *
36. Return of Dr. Mabuse, The *
37. Ring of Terror
38. Robot Pilot *
39. Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Menace from Outer Space
40. Shadow of Chinatown *
41. Star Odyssey *
42. Terror at the Red Wolf Inn *
43. They *
44. This is not a Test
45. UFO: Target Earth *
46. Unknown World
47. War Game, The *
48. Warriors of the Wasteland
49. Werewolf Woman *

* These are the ones I don't already own, unless these are alternate titles of stuff that Alpha Video released three years ago, which is always a possibility. Oh wait, I just checked. It is possible. "They" is actually Bill Rebane's "Invasion From Inner Earth," one of the WORST MOVIES EVER MADE. Check out my review of it on the IMDB. "The Nightmare Never Ends" "Panic" and "It Happened at Red Wolf Inn" all sound like great shlock though.