September 6th, 2006

Golgo 13

Digiview's Latest Releases (?)

In the last set of releases, Omega Cop and Karate Cop had a different trailer at the end of the disc compared to the other titles. I 've only been able to find those two plus Phantom Raiders so far. Has anyone spotted this possible new wave of releases? Here is the list of the movies shown on the trailer:

Asian Martial Arts
36 Crazy Fists (1977)
Moonlight Sword and Jade Lion (1981)

Recent Full Length Films
Omega Cop (1990)
Karate Cop (Omega Cop II) (1991)
Phantom Raiders (1988)
SFX Retaliator (1987)
Ground Rules (1997)
Parole Violators (1994)
Shattered Dreams (1998)
Ninja Warriors (1985)

Older Full Length Films
Get Christie Love! (1974)
Death Journey (1976)


Desert Warrior Either this one or this one
Double Cross One of these three
Firehouse One of these two