July 31st, 2006

White Rabbit

Digiview Korean Anime master list? / Digiview en Espanol

Okay guys, I need your help. I want to collect all the Korean anime DVDs that Digiview has released, but I don't know how many there actually are! I own these six seven (I can't count!):

  • Beauty and Warrior
  • Defenders of Space
  • Protectors of Universe
  • Space Thunder Kids
  • Thunder Prince
  • Raiders of Galaxy
  • Space Transformers

As far as I know, these are all they've released, with the exception of Solar Adventure (first brought to my attention via this post, also listed at the Digiview website over here). There's a few sellers that carry this disc on eBay and Amazon, but the eBay people want around $4 for the disc + $5 Media Mail shipping, and the Amazon guys ... I'm not so sure of either. If anyone wants a particular disc and needs one to complete their collection, I'd be willing to trade for it. My local Walmart had a few copies of Thunder Prince still on the shelves.

And on a related note, has anyone noticed Digiview has started to release more Spanish stuff? A local record store (Ritmo Latino) is now carrying various Mexican movies and documentaries on $1 DVDs (which they mark up to $3. Fucking thieves), as well as dubbed versions of their Cartoon Craze sets. I haven't seen any at my local Wal-Mart yet, but I think they're not that far off from releasing some later on.

So yeah. Thoughts? *goes to bed*