June 30th, 2006

so i'm back to the velvet underground

Bought 2 PC Treasures titles today.

PC Treasures has shitty packaging, but I got a couple of titles at my local Dollar General that interested me:
The Little Princess with Shirley Temple/Gulliver's Travels animated
The Pied Piper Of Hamlin/The World of Hans Christian Andersen

I already had Pied Piper in better quality on Brentwood's disc which has it on the b-side and The Adventures Of Gallant Bess on the a-side. However, The World Of Hans Christian Andersen intrigued me. They were only $1 a piece. I wish I'd also picked up the Our Gang disc and the Shirley Temple short films disc. Maybe I will tomorrow.

I've taken a sneak peek at the transfers. They're all very soft, but watchable, especially considering that they crammed two movies on one single-sided, single-layer disc. (Although with all its compression, Father's Little Dividend on the FLD/The Last Time I Saw Paris DVD from PC Treasures was still fairly sharp. But I digress...) I'm not much concerned with the transfer of The Pied Piper, which is soft, scratchy, and sort of washed out in color, as the Brentwood disc I have of it has a slightly scratchy, but sharp and colorful transfer. Everything's watchable though, which is good. I've been dying to have The Little Princess and Gulliver's Travels for AGES now.

My only REAL gripe is the packaging. Disc glued inside cardboard box? Geez, even Dollar DVD, which is what I believe Brentwood previously was, had better packaging, and they just put the discs in cardboard sleeves! And Brentwood and Digiview can afford to use regular or slim DVD cases and STILL make money selling these things for $1! But I just put my new acquisitions in slimline cases I had and chucked the cardboard away.
so i'm back to the velvet underground

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I also have a question. Are there any animated versions of Cinderella based on Grimms' version of the story out there on dollar store DVDs and the like? (No fairy godmother involved.) I remember I used to have a VHS of this...I guess it was anime (?) version of Cinderella that was more like Grimms' version, where everything came out of a tree. I've been looking for it for YEARS, as I lost my video a long time ago.