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June 18th, 2006

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More oddity with Popeye cartoon audio 05:36 am
Some time ago I got hold of a collection of the King Features Popeye cartoons put out by Koch Vision. Remember those? They were the ones where Popeye's rival was renamed Brutus. Anyhow, I noticed something rather interesting. The audio on a few of the cartoons is in a kind of stereo where most of the others are in plain vanilla mono. In these selections, the music is in a kind of fake stereo with what sounds like a very slight delay between channels, kind of like what was called Duophonic stereo by one record company or the other. I think the sound effects are also on that same track. The voices come out of the right channel only. This is just how they are played back on the DVD as I have just the player on this computer which is plain vanilla 2-channel stereo and the same goes with my portable player, so it has nothing to do with the player's or computer's audio settings. Here is an audio file with one of the cartoons in this weird kind of stereo. Get it right over here for a limitted time!
This weird stereo effect gives me the impression that these cartoons may have been shown in movie theaters in this kind of fake stereo, although I'm told these particular toons were for TV only. Anybody have any idea why a handful of these toons would be recorded like that? Also, on some of the mono cartoons I notice the music has an odd phasing effect like what you might have heard on old Sixties rock records. My guessis these are mono mixes of more fake stereo music/effects tracks.
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