June 15th, 2006


More useless GMOW info!

Here's some more interesting info related to the Grandmasters Of Wrestling DVDs.

--The Mighty Macabbee's New Jersey house was used as a location for the series "Strangers With Candy"!
"...the final location of the day, a well-appointed home that belongs to a former Jewish wrestler called the Hebrew Hammer (no relation to the film)."

"It's discovered that the Jewish wrestler was also a fencing referee at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. There are photos, too, of him in a white Spandex tank with a teal Star of David on it and teal bicycle shorts, wearing a Mexican wrestler's mask embossed with an "M" that stands for the Mighty Maccabee."

-Strangers With Headsets: On the set of Amy Sedaris' new joint

--A nice BadMovies.org review.

--I'm glad to see that some l33t h@x0rs made sure that it got released to the file trading underground.