May 15th, 2006

Six Seasons For A Dollar

I saw this set of every single episode of the HBO series "1st and Ten" at Best Buy. The show is comedy about a fictional football team and had a young Delta Burke in it. Ran about 1985-1991. This box was released by Tango Entertainment. BB were selling it for $18. I noted that it contained every episode of the show, all six seasons in one box set. Not bad, I thought, but not enough to pique my interest at $18. Just for fun, I looked it up on E-Bay. I bid on a copy of this and actually won it for $1.05. Add $5.00 for postage and I got the whole deal for $6.05. Pretty dang good. Now, will I actually ever watch all this stuff? This remains to be seen, but should I get a sudden craving to watch 1st and Ten episodes at 3 a.m., I can do it whenever I please! I heart America!