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May 1st, 2006

About Nothing over 6 bucks each!

60 new Digiviews dollar DVDs at Wal-Mart 02:07 am
Well, they finally got down to Houston, so here's my report on the 60 new Digiview dollar DVD that have been showing up at Wal-Mart. I found some of these hidden by the baseball cards at a regular Supercenter and a full selection on an endcap at a Neighborhood Market. This is not a complete list as my eyes glazed over the titles I'd already seen at Wal-Mart(not many) or Dollar Tree(a few). I think i missed some movies and "Classic Fables". I also completely ignored the public domain cartoon collections(now under the banner of  "Toon Factory") as I have them all many times over. I'm gonna try to check the titles again if I get the chance.

If a title is in bold, it was in the display(and I probably bought it). The other titles come from the previews on each disc. I have not boldified any of the pd animation collections, but I'm pretty sure they had all of them. I tried to organize the titles in groups, this may have been a bad idea but I'm standing by it.

EDIT: Almost all of the titles are in bold because I have personally seen all of them in the wild now.

If you have any additions or questions, please feel free to comment.


Changing Hearts (2002)
A Place To Grow (1998)
Mr. Atlas (1997)
Second Chance (1996)
The Seventh Coin (1993)
A Piece Of Eden (2000)

Bay Of Love And Sorrows (2002)
Dead Silent (1999)
Diamondbacks (1998)
Heaven's Fire (1999)

American Vampire (1997)
Dead Silent (1999)
Someone Is Watching (2000)
The Prophet's Game (1999)
Silver Wolf (1998)
Row Your Boat (2000)
Amnesia (1996)
The Last Game (1995)

BMX Bandits (1983)
The Dragon's Infernal Showdown(1986) trailer

Former UK Gladiator Vogue's exercise videos:
Suzanne Cox: Total Body Training
Suzanne Cox: Firm It Up
Suzanne Cox: The Fix

Parthenon Entertainment nature shows:
Gorillas From The Heart Of Darkness
20 Years With The dolphins
Wild Rio
Shark Quest
Species Hunter

Two Worlds: Manatee and Lion Fish
Big Cat Challenge
White Shark: Outside The Cage
Miracle In The Pacific

Dan Hernandez sport fishing videos:
Baja Dorado (presented as "Sport Fishing - Dorado" on the cover)
How To Tuna With The Pro's
(presented as "Sport Fishing - Albacore" on the cover)

Burbank Films Australia Animated Classics:
Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde
Peter Pan
Westward Ho
Hunchbanck Of Notre Dame

Oliver Twist
Nicholas Nickleby
Old Curiosity Shop
A Tale Of Two Cities
Great Expectations
Those last five are making their DVD debut as they were never released by Nutech.

BKN International AG television series(5 episodes each):
Roswell Conspiracies: The Bait
Roswell Conspiracies: Bounty Wars

Skysurfer Strikeforce: Alien Attack
Skysurfer Strikeforce: Time Storm

Actual, real, non-Korean anime titles from Enoki Films:
Thumbelina A Magical Story
Wonderful Galaxy Of Oz

Huck & Tom's Mississippi Adventure

International Film Development Korean animation:
Space Transformers
Thunder Prince
Solar Adventure
Raiders Of Galaxy

I hope digiview eventually releases all of IFD's animation titles . They're magically crapliscious.

This one is a 2003 Classic Telly Award Winner(along with hundreds of others)!:
Mrs Murphy's Playhouse "Little Red Riding Hood"

Janson Media:

Al Capone (this is a documentary, not the Rod Steiger film listed on the cover)
Tai Chi InnerWave with Joey Bond
(Fear the mullet!)

Incredible Story Studios #3
Incredible Story Studios #4

My Global Adventure
Puss In Boots (1969)
(Actual title is "The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots". Key animation by Hayao Miyazaki!)
Grand Masters Of Wrestling
Grand Masters Of Wrestling Vol.2

The Wrestling DVDs are well done 96-97 indy shows in a Livingston, NJ high school gymnasium.

Victory At Sea:

Victory at sea (1-6)
Victory At Sea (7-12)

A wonderful groundbreaking World War II Televison naval warfare series from 1952.

Double Features(single disc, single side, single layer):
Hercules and the Masked Rider (1964) & Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon(1964)
God's Gun (1976) & Kid Vengeance (1977)
Lovers And Liars (1979) & The Promise Of Love (1980)
The Painted Desert (1931) & Hittin' The Trail (1937)
The Trial (1962)
(letterbox) & Escape From Sobibor (1987)
She Came From The Valley (1979) & The Gun And The Pulpit (1974)
The Tell-Tale Heart (1960) & Chiller (1985)

4 Movie collections(single disc, single side, dual layer):
John Wayne 4 Movies
Alfred Hitchcock 4 Movies (5 hr 30 min)

-Jamaica Inn (1939)
-Sabotage (1936)
-The 39 Steps (1935)
-Easy Virtue (1928,silent)
The Sci-Fi Invasion!
-Cosmos: War Of The Robots (1977) (Anamorphic Widescreen!)
-Assignment Outer Space (1960)
-Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet (1965)
-Warning From Space (1956)
World War II: The German Front (SS, SL)
-Prelude To War (1943)
-The Nazis Strike (1943)
-The Secret Life Of Adolf Hitler (1958)
-The Nuremberg Trials (1958)

Powersports Powerdocs:
Christ: The Spiritual Message For The Next Millenium
Sky Wars
Not sure is it's related, but Powersports also offers the Kidsongs TV show series.

Kidsongs television single episodes(22 minutes each):

KidSongs: Let's Learn About Animals
KidSongs: We Love Trucks
KidSongs: Let's Dance
KidSongs: We Love Dogs
KidSongs: A Day at the Beach

These are a pretty good deal as these sell for 8 bucks each on "da street" as the kids say. Not the kids who sing the songs on these, the kids who hung out behind the temporary shacks and smoked cigarettes. Those kids were cool.

9 Episode Television Collections(sd,ss,sl)
Classic Westerns
-The Lone Ranger
-The Rifleman
-Shotgun Slade
-Annie Oakly
-The Adventures Of Jim Bowie
-The Deputy
-Judge Roy Bean
-Adventures Of Kit Carson
Classic Comedy
-The Lucy Show
-Red Skelton
-The 3 Stooges (Malice In The Palace)
-Ozzie & Harriet
-Beverly Hillbillies
-The Andy Griffith Show
-The Dick Van Dyke Show
-Burns & Allen
-Jack Benny
Classic Suspense
-The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes
-Gang Busters
-My Hero
-Lock Up
-Lights Out
-Captain Gallant
-One Step Beyond

Public Domain cartoons we've all seen a million times:
Bugs Bunny: The Wabbit Who Came To Supper
Casper: A Haunting We Will Go
Daffy Duck: Daffy Duckaroo
Popeye: Private Eye Popeye
Porky: We The animals Squeak
Bugs Bunny Bond Rally
Daffy Duck: Daffy's Southern Exposure
Popeye: Cookin' With Gags
Superman: Jungle Drums
Little Lulu: Dog Show-Off
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