April 7th, 2006

New Mill Creek releases

Mill Creek Entertainment has revamped their website and one can get at least some information on each individual film included in their various DVD packages. Coming up for release on April 18 is a new 50 movie mega pack called Warriors which is made up of 50 mostly Italian made "sandal and dagger" historic dramas with plenty of Hercules type heroes rescuing scantily clad buxom babes. (I already own a cheap DVD of one of the features in this Mega Pack: Herod the Great. I used to have a 16mm B&W flat print of this film and, now that I can see that co-star Sylvia Lopez has flaming red hair, I'd prefer to watch this feature in B&W.)

Also due out on April 18 from Mill Creek are a pair of 20 movie packs, one with 20 early John Wayne features and one with 20 Roy Rogers features. Follow this link for pictures and more information. http://www.millcreekent.com/new_releases.html