March 14th, 2006

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KidSongs DVDs at Dollar Tree

Those of you with kids will appreciate Dollar Tree's stock of KidSongs DVDs. Fantastic songs and dances featuring a cast of very energetic kids, as well as some funny, brightly colored costumed characters. My toddlers love doing the Alley Cat, Hand Jive and a bunch of other dances on these DVDs. The production is quite professional.

Was this a cable TV show at one time or a DTV series? In any case, they're quite good, and not as annoying to parents as some other kids' fare (please, no more Dora! Pleeeease!).

I picked up "Let's Learn About Animals," "We Love Trucks," "Let's Dance," "We Love Dogs" and "A Day at the Beach," for a buck each. These same DVDs are $13 each on the KidSongs Web site.

The only problem I have with these sing- and dance-along DVDs is the wrap-around stories. The Disney and Muppet sing-alongs are guilty of this, too. In-between each song is this blah-blah-blah that breaks the pace and causes my toddlers to lose interest. Just give us the songs and dances. If we wanted drama we'd watch The Unbearable Lightness of Being sing-along DVD.