March 12th, 2006

more on collecting cartoons

Just a few observations and things concerning some recent purchases of cartoon DVDs for cheap.
I'm still collecting the Cartoon Craze DVDs through Ebay. Just got a few more today. This means I now have all seventeen Superman cartoons amongst other things. However, here's something interesting I just discovered and I wonder if anyone else noticed this. On Cartoon Craze Volume 3 which has two Superman cartoons and the rest are Popeye, they seemed to have picked out some Popeye prints where somebody has dubbed in new sound effects. I knew this had been going on with a series of DVDs on I believe the Wellspring label, where somebody had the idea to dub new sound effects in over the top of the old ones. I assume this is supposed to make it so the old mono sound is made into stereo or even surround sound. Maybe somebody can clear that up for me in the comments, as I don't own any of that series. However, the sound on these Popeye versions is strictly mono and so are the newly-added effects. I did own a Superman collection sold at Dollar Tree and put out by Genius where they seemed to have re-channeled the mono sound and added in new stereo sounds. They did that on a Goodtimes release as well. But anyhow, I find it interesting that the enhanced soundtracks of these Popeye cartoons is in plain vanilla mono. In fact, the original sound of the old audio tracks is a little thin and kind of hollow. Sounds almost like somebody held a mic up to a TV speaker and made a recording, and I have full-fidelity audio of some of these same cartoons on other collections by other companies.
Speaking of other companies, looks like my nearby Dollar Tree is selling cartoon DVDs put out by Family Value Collection, which I think used to be called Treasure Box Collection. These are longer than the Treasure Box releases, as you get about two hours of cartoons per DVD. Does anyone have a list of all the Family Value cartoon DVDS? Yeah, I want to collect all of these as well, even though I risk duplicating and I actually get a few duplicate cartoons across discs in the same series. We'll assume all the titles have something like "... and friends" in the titles. So which am I missing? I've got
Felix the Cat
Gulliver's Travels
Little Lulu
Popeye (and mostly Superman)
Three Stooges
Tom Sawyer (Which gives you a dozen Mel-O-Toons plus other stuff)
Treasure Island (one left-over Mel-O-Toon and assorted other stuff)
and finally, Woody Woodpecker (Which ends up being Pantry Panic, the only Woody cartoon circulating from what I can tell, plus assorted other stuff)