February 8th, 2006

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I finally broke down and bought one of those Mill Creek 50-Movie Megapacks. Probably wouldn't have without that Best Buy gift card I got for Christmas.

Haven't made much of a dent in it, but so far I'm pleased with Sci-Fi Classics. If one can get beyond the fact that a percentage of them are not sci-fi at all, but jungle and sword-and-sorcery pics, it serves as a nice collection of B-movies, most in the PD.

So far, I've found The Phantom Planet to be a real gem in this collection. Nice transfer, clean picture, hysterical story and FX (tiny asteroids make bullet-ricochet noises when they hit the space ship). And Richard "Eegah," "Jaws" Kiel shows up, completely unrecognizable in a ludicrous alien suit.

Killers from Space is also nicely represented here. Peter Graves is young and strapping here, but a terrible actor. Love the ping-pong-ball eyes on the aliens, though.

I'm old enough to remember good ol' Zacherley lampooning this one in a DTV feature called "Horrible Horror." Pick that one up on eBay if you can find it. It's worth whatever you'll pay for it, trust me.

Best Buy had Sci-Fi Classics for $24 bucks (free for me, via gift card, hee-hee), but you can definitely get it cheaper online. When it works out to a half-buck a movie or less, can't really go wrong there.