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January 22nd, 2006

About Nothing over 6 bucks each!

Hooray for half-buck Hobbit; Beatniks can beat it 10:11 pm
Yay! Stop & Shop reduced its collection of $1 EastWestDVDs to 50 cents! My local S&S had a cartload of copies of the wonderful (if somewhat abridged) version of The Hobbit by Rankin Bass.

I also picked up a weird Soviet version of Aladdin and an old TV version of The Thief of Baghdad with Roddy McDowall. Both transfers are so murky I thought I'd accidentally cut my corneas on the shrinkwrap before loading the DVD player.

New collection of dollar DVDs at Just-A-Buck includes The Over the Hill Gang and its sequel on one DVD. I also picked up a double-bill DVD of Wild Guitar (with talentless Arch Hall Jr.) and The Beatniks, written, directed and songs by Paul Frees (yes, the cartoon-voice Paul Frees). I thought they'd be in the so-bad-they're-funny category. Turns out they're about as enjoyable as a dry shave.
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