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January 15th, 2006

About Nothing over 6 bucks each!

Not bad for a quarter... 07:44 pm

Hey gang,

My local Target store was clearing out its $1 section after Christmas, and everything was four-for-a-dollar, including their entire stock of $1 DVDs.

I picked up a collection of Rocky Jones: Space Ranger/Flash Gordon TV episodes for a quarter, as well as a standard collection of public domain New Three Stooges cartoons from the '60s (which I'm old enough to remember having seen on TV as a kid).

Rocky Jones is hysterical in an "Ambiguously Gay Duo" sort of way.

The Stooges cartoons are in fine shape for their age, but it's kind of sad to see the 70-something boys doing tired slapstick in their live-action intros. They do provide the voices for their cartoon counterparts, however, which is a rare thing.

There were many, many more DVDs, too, mostly the standard PD stuff.

Check your local Target. Mine just removed them all for a bunch of girly-wirly Valentine's Day gifts and things, but there may be some 25-cent DVDs left at yours!


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