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January 3rd, 2006

About Nothing over 6 bucks each!

More Movies in Bulk for The Non-Discriminating Film Fan 01:44 am
We had some news a few posts down about the DVD sets being sold by mail-order-catalog-for-septugenarians Harriet Carter. I seem to have found the source, or a source, for those box sets, which cram 10 movies on to one DVD! How do they do it, friends? Why, they throw quality out the window! That's 50 movies on 5 (one-sided!) DVDs.


Several different box sets here, including Horror, Westerns, and 30 episodes of "Bonanza." Some of them list a few of the movie titles on offer, and it appears to be all the usual suspects of the PD world.

I also saw a TV ad where they were selling the Horror Movies set through direct response. On the website, you can stream the TV ad (in very low quality).

The box sets cost $20, so I will state that nobody is really getting ripped off here for 60 hours worth of movies. They're also a good introduction for people just starting a DVD collection. I think (I hope) most people will realize that for this price, you aren't going to get major studio, first-line quality. If anyone has the guts to purchase any of these, please make a post here about the quality of these dubious items.
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