December 11th, 2005

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First of all, I wanted to introduce myself as a new member of the community. I first found some dollar DVDs at my local Dollar Tree. I think some were from Genius and others might have been Treasure Box but not sure. They all came in various kinds of cardboard covers. Found more Genius stuff at Target in boxes with the little pocket at the back. I threw out all the cardboard boxes and now store them and all my other DVDs in one of those storage albums. So here in Seattle the only places I'm aware of that sell dollar DVDs are Dollar Tree and Target. There's no Walmart here and I don't think we have any Big Lots or Family Dollar or some of the other places that you guys mention. Not sure if Kmart or Walgreens or Rite-Aid sell dollar DVDs. Unfortunately it's not so easy for me to check such things out since I'm blind, so I can't just drive all over the place and check out every store for cheap DVD releases. I always liked public-domain material, even back in the days when I collected movies on VHS tape. Visual as they can be, I'm a fan of low-budget horror and sci-fi movies as well as old cartoons, and it seemed PD releases had a lot of the stuff I was interested in. But anyhow, I'm curious, outside of Ebay, if there are any on-line sources where I could find dollar DVDs, even if I have to pay $1.99 for them? I'm interested in trying some of the Digiview stuff and perhaps tracking down the East West material that people find so interesting. I know some of these companies have websites but sometimes info seems minimal. I ended up going to Ebay to buy a few titles which I think are from Digiview. Figured I'd take a chance and check out the Korean animation that I saw reviewed here, plus I found two discs of Flash Gordon TV episodes, and this seller seems to have a lot of the Cartoon Craze series. Actually, I'd love to find a DVD set that pretty much has most if not all the PD cartoons available so I don't avhe to buy a bunch of single DVDs and risk duplication if I can help it. Shall I assume the Treeline cartoon set is pretty comprehensive, or isn't it? I already have the sets of horror, sci-fi, mystery and comedy movies by Treeline. But anyhow, I'll bring this admittedly scattered entry to an end and I'm glad to be aboard the community.
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